Fun Facts About the United States

The United States has a very storied history. But some facts have fallen through the cracks. The facts and trivia below are just a tease. Hopefully, you will want to do some more research and even come up with some amazing United States facts or trivia on your own. History can be quite fun and entertaining. Please enjoy these little known tid bits about the United States and its history. I hope you enjoy them!

Some Little Known United States History:

Abraham_Lincoln_November_1863People picture Abraham Lincoln with a beard. The truth is, he was clean shaven all of his life until just shortly before the election that made him the 16th President. The story goes, he got a letter from a girl, Grace Bedell, saying his family would be more inclined to vote for him if he had a beard. The first known picture of him with a beard is from Nov 25, 1860 by Samuel G. Alschuler in Chicago.

Where was President Andre Jackson born? Nobody knows for sure. All we know is that he was born somewhere in the backwoods near the border of what is now North and South Carolina, when his mother was traveling. Jackson moved to Tennessee and called himself a Tennesseean. He later wrote that he was born in South Carolina, but a person present claimed he was born in North Carolina. You won’t find a birthplace on the White House website. All it says is he was born in the backwoods of the Carolinas.

Wyatt Earp is know as a legendary western gunfighter and lawman in the 1880’s. But did you know in his later life he went, “Hollywood”? He visited many movie sets and even met John Wayne as a very young actor. Wyatt died in his apartment in Los Angeles in 1929 at the age of 80. He was cremated and buried by his wife, Josie, in Colma, California. She is buried next to him. Tom Mix was a pallbearer at Earp’s funeral.

hway8Ernest Hemingway is probably thought of as a worldly author. But he died and is buried in Ketchum, Idaho. This was the site of his favorite hunting grounds. He committed suicide. Just like his father.

In 1715 the slave ship Whydah, from England, at the helm Captain Lawrence Prince, was attacked by pirates near Cuba. “Black Sam” Bellamy was the leader of the pirates. The ship was then directed up to Cape Cod. In 1717, the ship encountered a violent storm and sank very close to the shoreline. 102 pirates died. Zoom ahead to 1984. Ocean explorer Barry Clifford discovered the wreck. They found the bell with the inscription, THE WHYDAH GALLY 1716. This made it the first and only verified pirate ship wrecked in the United States.

In 1999 the US Postal service printed a stamp depicting the Grand Canyon, but on the stamp they put Grand Canyon, Colorado.

It cost over $500,000 to destroy the stamps and reprint. When they corrected it, people noticed it had a reverse image of the Grand Canyon. In other words, like it was reflected in a mirror. Did they correct this? Nope. Supposedly they said that no matter how you look at it, the Grand Canyon is beautiful!

Barbara Bush is both wife and mother to a president. You probably knew that. But did you know her name was Barbara Pierce? As in President Franklin Pierce? She is a distant cousin of him. She is the only one who is mother, wife, and cousin to a president.

President Grover Cleveland was married in office. Not unusual. But he was 49 and his bride, Frances Folsom, who was only 21.

Victoria_WoodhullThe first woman to run for president was Victoria Woodhull, 1872. Her running mate was Frederick Douglass. She was declared ineligible, but not because she was a woman. She would not yet be 35 years old until September after the January inauguration day. She received some votes, but are not recorded in the official results.

Ghandi’s ashes can be found in the Lake Shrine near Los Angeles.

Juneau, Alaska covers 3,000 square miles. Larger than any other US city.

Martin Luther King, jr., was first named Michael. His father later changed it.

Amelia Earhart designed clothes.

Degas once lived in New Orleans.

The first person to become president who was born in a hospital was Jimmy Carter.

Arlington National Cemetery was once Gen. Robert E. Lee’s plantation.

The S in Harry S. Truman stands for nothing. It’s just S.

The London Bridge was transplanted to Lake Havasu, Arizona, in 1968.

The Missouri River is longer than the Mississippi.

American Indians were not US citizens until 1924.